Audio & Video

On this page you can watch videos and listen to audio programs about Voice Dialogue and Big Mind Big Heart.

Voice Dialogue

Video: Individual Voice Dialogue sessions usually last 90 minutes (couples are 2 hours). The video below has been tightly edited down to a 10 minute YouTube version to give you an experience of an individual session. You can also listen to an ‘audio only’ MP3 version of the full 27 minute session.

Voice Dialogue demonstration session in English – 9m 52s

Audio: Click the link below to listen to the full 27 minute audio-only version of the demonstration session. Opens in a new window.

Voice Dialogue session – Audio version

Filmed during the Voice Dialogue Intensive 2012 in Northern NSW, Australia with Peter Chown. Ana Barner is talking about her personal connection to the transformative power of Voice Dialogue.

Other Facilitators

The Power Of Voice Dialogue – Hal Stone

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Big Mind Big Heart

Video: The videos below are 6 x 10 min modules edited from a one hour introductory workshop using Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind process. It was held by Ana in Byron Bay on a hot summer’s day in January 2009.

Each module introduces different examples showing some of the aspects you can experience in a Big Mind process.

Listen to Ana Barner on Byron’s ‘Bay-FM’ radio talking about her upcoming group process workshops incorporating Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind process into her existing Transpersonal Dialogue programs.

Big Mind – Audio Interview
24 minutes – 27/1/09

German Videos  

Voice Dialogue mit Ana Barner. from Ana Barner on Vimeo.

Eine Einführung in die Psycholgie der Selbste in Deutsch von Ana Barner, August 2010 während der Sommer Akademie in dem Seminar Haus “Windschnur”, Chiemgau.
An introduction to the Psychology of Selves in German with Ana Barner, august 2010 during the summer academy at the seminar house “Windschnur”, Chiemgau.

Voice Dialogue Beziehungsmuster mit Ana Barner, Voice Dialogue Bonding Patterns with Ana Barner from Ana Barner on Vimeo.

Eine Einführung in Beziehungsmuster in Deutsch von Ana Barner, gefilmt August 2010.

An introduction to Bonding Patterns in Relationships in German by Ana Barner, filmed August 2010

Voice Dialogue Sitzung mit Ana Barner, Voice Dialogue session with Ana Barner from Ana Barner on Vimeo.

Eine kurze Voice Dialogue Sitzung mit Ana Barner und Upchar, gefilmt 2010, Sommerakademie Chiemgau.
A short Voice Dialogue facilitation demo, filmed 2010, summer academy Chiemgau