Voice Dialogue is a psycho-spiritual consciousness process based on the understanding that we are made up of a whole family of internal Selves. By experiencing and integrating these various sub-personalities, we gain more understanding of our relationship patterns, business choices, body symptoms and dreams. Voice Dialogue increases our ability to be centred within our polarities and to navigate our world with more awareness and choice.

Transpersonal Dialogue extends this process of dis-identification. It initiates and facilitates an inquiry into the deeper consciousness within us, beyond our personality and Ego identity. We start to reconnect with our soul, learning to be grounded in this transpersonal reality. Practicing beingness whilst functioning within our personality and body, we learn to be fully present in the Here and Now.

Watch video modules and listen to audio samples of a Voice Dialogue session and a Big Mind Big Heart workshop here.

Ana Barner has been involved with Voice Dialogue since the mid eighties and works as a senior international trainer in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. She has an extensive background in psychotherapy and combines Voice Dialogue with Transpersonal Dialogue. Ana offers individual sessions, relationship coaching, professional supervision, telephone consultations and teleconferences as well as seminars and trainings.