Relationship Coaching

Relationships are an invitation for personal expansion and growth. They offer one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities to grow beyond our automatic reaction patterns and become full human beings. This potential lies within each meaningful connection, be it with lovers, spouses, parents, siblings, children, colleagues, clients and gurus.

Voice Dialogue responds to this challenge with a unique relationship model and a creative consciousness tool which couples can use to increase their communication. Each person learns about their own personality patterns and discovers how the other carries their opposites. This understanding helps them to unravel the negative reaction patterns that have developed. Instead of polarising against each other they can now become each others teacher.

Ana Barner offers a variety of programs to work with any kind of relationship:
Couples sessions:
Couples sessions provide the opportunity to explore the issues people face in relationships within a safe and non judgemental framework. Ana likes to see each individual separately first before working with them together. This helps to establish a connection with the facilitator and the technique and allows each person to explore their reality by themselves first. During the joint session the emphasis is on each individual, supporting them to understand how they contribute to the relationship patterns.

Couple retreats:
Come to beautiful Byron Bay for a few days and combine deep personal work with relaxation in a gorgeous environment. Individual sessions are followed by couples sessions and a theoretical exploration of relationship patterns. There is the opportunity to learn how to facilitate each other to establish better communication.

Conscious Relating seminars:
These seminars provide the opportunity to learn about relationship patterns and to connect with other couples and singles in an environment of deep personal exploration. A variety of processes are offered and part of the training might include learning to facilitate each other.