Seminars & Trainings

Basic Training Module
Ana Barner teaches Voice Dialogue predominantly in the form of weekend seminars. These groups are designed for anyone interested in personal development and professional training, as well as practitioners who want to extend their facilitation skills. People often participate to explore their personal lives and relationships without the intention to becoming a facilitator. The Theory of the Psychology of Selves and the practice of Voice Dialogue is always interspersed with a range of lively experiential processes. The basic training module consists of three weekend seminars, these three levels form the platform for further personal and professional training.

Level 1
The aim of this seminar is to introduce you to the basics of the Voice Dialogue approach. The workshop is a mixture of learning about the theoretic structure, getting to know your own personality through experiential processes and learning the beginnings of facilitating others. The course also serves as an introduction to further training.

Level 2
This level takes the participants deeper into the different aspects of Voice Dialogue. It extends the subjects covered in level 1 and introduces several more advanced techniques. Students are encouraged to practise facilitation with each other during the course and in between seminars. After completion of level 2, participants usually feel more comfortable beginning to facilitate others.

Level 3
The focus of this seminar is to increase the level of confidence and skill of the participants. There is room to practice facilitation within the group and in pairs. Advanced techniques such as Voice Constellation, Body Dialogue, working with dreams and Transpersonal Dialogue are explored in more depth.

Apprenticeship program
After the completion of the basic training module there is the possibility to be accepted into an ongoing apprenticeship program. This includes being able to participate and assist in any level 1 program for free. Individual sessions and supervision as well as groups supervision (telephone conference calls) are offered for reduced cost. Other training opportunities available are the local bi monthly extension days and evening programs. Part of the apprenticeship program is the emphasis on personal work…it is only possible to become a good facilitator when you have explored your own personality in-depth.

Local ongoing programs
After having completed level 1 there is the possibility of joining an ongoing fortnightly evening group and the bi monthly extension days. These are often very experiential deep explorations using a variety of Voice Dialogue tools. They suit especially participants who want to use Voice Dialogue to deepen their own personal process. Students who are interested in extending their facilitation skills are invited to practice the different techniques within the group.

Conscious Relating seminars
Ana frequently works with couples and there has been strong interest in extending this to weekend groups. These seminars are open to anyone with a genuine interest in understanding and mastering all kinds of relationships. Participants do not need to have any prior experience with Voice Dialogue. The groups are designed to give couples and singles more insight into the dynamics of relationship and to develop new ways of relating. The workshops include a theoretical exploration of the sub personalities engaged in a relationship and the bonding patterns that develop. Practical and experiential processes deepen these insights. There is the possibility to learn the beginnings of facilitating each other.

Voice Constellations
This dynamic and lively form of Voice Dialogue provides the opportunity to explore personality and relationship patterns within a group format. Participants do not need to have any prior experience with Voice Dialogue. Using different people within the group to embody the internal family of Selves, the participants have the opportunity to experience their personality in a three dimensional active form. This process can be used to explore relationships, allowing participants to experience how their protection patterns keeps them away from experiencing and expressing vulnerability, restricting their ability to connect more deeply and fully.

Telephone Conference calls
These meetings provide the opportunity to process personal and professional situations within a small supervision group. The prerequisite to be able to join is the completion of a level 1 seminar or a similar program. Participants do not have to be currently working in the counselling or coaching field. Some groups are more focused on the professional context whereas others provide the opportunity for a more in-depth personal process. Most are limited to 4 people, each person has the opportunity to explore an issue within a 30 minute timeframe.