Transpersonal Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is an excellent tool to explore and extend our personality, helping us to navigate our world effectively from the centred reality of the Aware Ego. If we are not functioning from an Aware Ego, we often feel internal confusion, self criticism and distress, live in unconscious relationship patterns and experience general friction with the outside world. This limits our ability to consciously access transpersonal essence in our daily lives.

The focus of Transpersonal Dialogue is to reconnect us with this essence and discover our individual and unique pathways to it. In this way it becomes a transformational practice, infusing life with a real experience of presence in and beyond our individual personality. The integration of Voice Dialogue and Transpersonal Dialogue supports the development of our full human potential.

Transpersonal Experience
Most of us have a sense that we are more than just our personality. Some of us have had moments of being in a space beyond every day reality. This experience is the focus of most spiritual traditions, describing it as soul, god, enlightenment, source, presence, essence, beingness etc. The experience of being in this space is similar for many people.

A transpersonal experience often begins with a sense of dropping in and coming home. We become more present: thoughts diminishing, aware of our breathing and a deep physical relaxation, senses intensifying with stronger colours, smells and sounds along with a feeling of loving awareness. We can experience a peaceful detachment from identification with personality and everyday living. This loss of identity and full emptiness creates an intimate connection with all and a sense of compassion for ourselves and others. Dropping into the Now, with no connection to past and future, our usual obsession with problems and things having to be different disappear, we feel calm and centred.

Transpersonal Dialogue
In Voice Dialogue we approach any thought, feeling or energy as a part of us that can be separated out and looked at. This develops an Aware Ego which stays connected to the personality, allowing us to consciously engage these different selves in our daily life. Transpersonal Dialogue extends this process of dis-identification. It initiates and facilitates an inquiry into the consciousness within us beyond our personality and Aware Ego, resembling spiritual traditions and transpersonal philosophies. By exploring the different Selves, dis-identifying from them and expanding the Aware Ego, we ask the ultimate question “who am I?”

We access the Transpersonal through the above described process of dis-identification. Another way is to explore disowned energies, the very spaces we tend to avoid: depression, fear, emptiness, confusion, loneliness, a feeling of being separate, blankness, strong vulnerability,… Being held by the facilitator during a session, we can experience these intense feelings without withdrawing. Often an energetic shift then occurs spontaneously as we drop into our transpersonal essence. In this way the deep exploration of disowned selves can function as gateways.

The Transpersonal in everyday life
Transpersonal Dialogue is one of the many processes that can remind us of the reality that we are more than our personality. As Voice Dialogue develops our Aware Ego process, Transpersonal Dialogue provides a direct experience of our essence. This powerful consciousness tool also encourages the extension of this presence in our daily life. During a session, we can actively deepen our ability to stay centred in the transpersonal reality along with the Aware Ego and all our selves. In this way Transpersonal Dialogue can function as a bridge between the personal and the transpersonal, expanding Voice Dialogue into a transformational practice.